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ARC 90 Financing

ARC 90 Financing Instructions:

Shoot Now & Pay Later Financing!

Try our affordable and easy financing plan.

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ARC 90 is the easy and CHEAPER alternative to finance.

  • Register in minutes and use your purchasing power today.
  • There is no cost to register. Take it home today and have up to 12 months to pay.
  • To get started all we need is basic identifying information along with pay and account history.
  • GCS does not charge you interest. It’s just $35.00 when you do a transaction.
  • Since GCS does not charge interest access is limited by income, spending habits, and bank history.
  • This isn’t restricted to high earners. It’s being responsible with your money that matters.
  1. Click the blue button above labeled PREQUALIFY and complete the form. Add the items below to determine your total cost. You will get two emails, a welcome email, and a bank verification email.
    • The purchase price
    • Add Shipping & Handling Costs and Insurance
    • If you live in Kentucky add 6% Sales Tax
  2. Once you receive the bank verification email, follow the instructions to have a copy of your latest bank statement submitted.
  3. Once you receive your approval, email it to along with a copy of the front of your driver license.
  4. We will send you an agreement form to sign and return to
  5. The bank takes 1-5 days to fund your purchase. Once this happens, we ship your new within 1-7 days using the normal handling processes of online firearm purchase.

ARC 90 Financing Rates